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Our name is based on the Bell Curve the curve that could statistically describe how bio-diversity are distributed on earth. We believe that sustainable material could be the answer to save our environment and biodiversity!


How it's made

We produce Misel by converting organic substance which can comes from many sources, including fruit processing waste
and we convert it by using the power of bacteria


Misel is Strong, Unique, One of a Kind

Use Misel for your products and we can guarantee that your product symbolized how sustainability could be achieved. Being green started from small steps, let us help you create sustainability for your brand


For every feet of cow leather we need 16L of water, while to produce Misel we only need 1,5L/sqft.
It's strong, Misel can hold up to 500N of pulling force, could be stiched as you like, and more importantly it gives your product exclusivity. Be the first in making product from Misel.

Lets make sustainabilty our new normal.

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