Bell Living Lab at Canada Gift Show

Bell Living Lab at Canada Gift Show

by Bell Society

Bell will arrive at Canada Gift Show and are inviting all of you to have a chat and talk! 

Toronto: 28 January 2024 - 1 February 2024 @ Canada Gift Show
Vancouver: 5 February 2024 @ ITPC Vancouver

Hey there, Canada! Ever wondered how your love for coffee could help revolutionize the fashion industry? Bell Living Lab, all the way from Indonesia, is brewing up something extraordinary. We're crafting sustainable leather from coffee waste! Yep, you read that right – your morning pick-me-up is turning into trendy, eco-friendly leather goods.

Why coffee waste, you ask? Well, the leather industry's booming, with demand skyrocketing at 6% annually, while production struggles to keep up at just 3%. Enter our solution: a game-changer that's not only environmentally conscious but also addresses the pitfalls of traditional leather and plastic-based 'vegan leather.'

problem with leather and alternative leather

Picture this: your morning cup of joe doesn't just wake you up – it's transforming into sleek, eco-friendly M-Tex leather! Bell Living Lab, all the way from Indonesia, is making waves by turning coffee skin waste into a leather alternative using cutting-edge bacterial magic.

But hold on, it gets better! We're teaming up with farmers and researchers, working hand in hand to make this revolutionary process a reality. And guess what? Thanks to our patented technology, we've cracked the code to produce material that doesn't just match leather – it rivals it in every spec imaginable. Join us in brewing up a sustainable storm in the fashion world!

we're not just about making awesome eco-leather from coffee waste – we're all about making a real, measurable impact. We're not just producing sheets; we're creating a ripple effect of positive change, sheet by sheet.

We're committed to tracking our impact every step of the way. Why? Because we want each and every piece of our M-Tex leather to do more than just look good – we want it to make the world a better place. Join us in making a difference, one stylish, sustainable sheet at a time.

Bell Living Lab has teamed up with diverse industries right here in Indonesia, and we're on a mission to create impactful change together – and yes, that includes you!

By joining forces with different sectors, we're gearing up to make a difference that resonates worldwide. We believe in collaboration, innovation, and the power of unity to drive sustainability forward. Are you ready to join hands with us in crafting a better, greener future for our planet?


Indonesia is the third largest coffee producer in the world. We produce 800.000 ton of coffee every year. We only harvest the coffee beans, while the rest are being thrown away.

Currently Bell Process more than 2 Tons of Coffee waste a month producing 300 sqm of M-Tex every month. We Aim to create an Inclusive ecosystem so that everyone can use our sustainable solution.

We've made various kinds of product made by utilizing the materials that we produce. From fashion to furniture, we've done it all. Let's collaborate further together!

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